Biogas Plants

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Our projects and success stories

Here at Genia Bioenergy we can help you to create and implement the infrastructure you need to convert waste from your industry into valuable energy.We can provide assistance to select the perfect system for your particular case or put you in contact with other factories to build a shared plant if the amount of waste you produce is insufficient. Our goal is to enable everyone to save energy costs by producing biogas.

A Circular Economy model for Covap’s facilities that foresees the use of photovoltaic energy and the production of biogas and biomass from the raw material left over from its activity, this project will generate 80% of the energy necessary for its production activity.

We designed a plant with 5 biodigesters that, in addition to MSW, processes 35,300 tonnes of agricultural waste and 60,500 tonnes of waste from more than 400 local food industries including dairies, breweries and bakeries.

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