Biogas Upgrading Plants and the generation of Biomethane

From waste to energy

The role of renewable gas – biomethane in the circular economy

Tratamiento y gestión de residuos orgánicos.

Treatment and management of organic waste, with traceability

Generación de Biometano y venta del gas, con certificados de garantía de origen renovable.

Biomethane generation and the sale of gas, with guarantee  of renewable origin certificates. 

Directiva (UE) 2018 sobre gestión, tratamiento y valorización y vertido de los residuos para los municipios

Compliance with directive (EU) 2018 on the management, treatment, and recovery and disposal of waste for municipalities.

Objetivos en energías renovables para nuestro sistema eléctrico y gasista (PNIEC 2021-2030)

Range of renewable energy targets for our electricity and gas system (PNIEC 2021-2030).

Sustainable energy and circular economy

Throughout Europe, the production of biogas and biomethane from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste is considered an alternative for sustainable energy production and an circular economy. Furthermore, biogas is the only energy from renewable sources that can be used for any of the main applications of energy: electrical, thermal or as fuel, and it can be easily stored to be used when needed.

The European countries that make the most use of this technology are Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Great Britain, while Spain is less developed with respect to other renewable energies such as wind or photovoltaic. However, Spain has the conditions required for the take-off of this type of facility: according to a Naturgy study, the production potential is 26,684 GWh, sufficient to cover 40% of the demand by the country’s homes. There is interest in the development of biogas in the gas sector, restrictions are being lifted on self-generated energy, and we have engineering companies capable of providing the most advanced technology.

Origin and composition

Biogas is composed by approximately 54% CH4 (methane – combustible gas) and the rest is CO2 and other gases (H2S, H2, O2, etc), with methane being the part that provides the energy power. Through the Upgrading or purification process, CO2 is eliminated, increasing the volume of methane and, therefore, its purity, making it equal in quality with conventional natural gas and with a very similar PCI (calorific value).


This Biogas can be recovered in a cogeneration engine for the production of electrical and thermal energy, or in an upgrading plant for its purification, converting it into biomethane. This biomethane can be injected into the network, or transformed into BioCNG or BioLNG for vehicle fuel.

Is it viable to generate biomethane with my waste?

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    Experts in Biogas Upgrading

    To generate biomethane from biogas, a methane content of over 90% must be achieved. The biogas is subjected to a “purification or cleaning” process to reduce CO2 and increase the concentration of CH4 (methane) from 54% to 90%.

    Existen diversas tecnologías capaces de del biogás de, convirtiéndolo en biometano, permitiendo adaptarse a un amplio rango de caudales o necesidades del proyecto.

    No one technology is more efficient than another, they depend on the characteristics of the different projects. For each of the technologies, we are interested in knowing the energy required to carry out the process and the amount of CH4 that is emitted into the atmosphere.

    Our professional team will always select the most appropriate technology.

    Main biogas purification technologies for biomethane generation:

    • Chemical absorption (amines, alkaline salts)
    • PSA (Pressure Swing Adsortion)
    • Cryogenic separation
    • Separation with membranes
    • PWS (Pressurized Water Scrubbing)

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    diferentes tecnologias de upgrading del biogas

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