Sponsors of the 2020 Green Gas Mobility Online Event

Promoters of sustainable land and sea transport

Green Gas Mobility, the great promoter of sustainable land and sea transport, will be held on 22, 23, and 24 September.

In line with the current health situation, this will be the first online conference on sustainable mobility. It will integrate a conference room and a virtual fair and promote networking among the attendees, reducing the carbon footprint.

The event will analyse the benefits that the use of carbon neutral gases such as biomethane, synthetic gas or hydrogen bring to mobility. The event will respond to the challenges faced by transport today in more than 50 conferences, B2B meetings and a large virtual exhibition. It is a must-visit event, in which Genia Global Energy will meet with leading representatives from the renewable natural gas sector to discuss the energy and climate challenges facing the land and sea transport sectors.

See the event website: Green Gas Mobility Online Event

Webinar: Stages in a waste energy recovery project

The value of certified renewable gas

Javier Cervera, will represent our company at a table which will discuss the advantages of an official natural gas guarantee of origin scheme. Each participant of the table will provide a vision of the different links of a project for the generation of renewable gas for use in mobility from production, to injection into the gas network, and the contracting process by the end user, through a gas representative.

Real cases will be presented to show how this process currently operates in different European countries, where 17% of the gas used in mobility is renewable, and we will conduct an analysis of the certification methodology.


  • Javier Cervera, Director of Corporate Business Development and International Relations at Genia Global Energy
  • Jacobo Canseco, Head of Renewable Products at Axpo
  • Manuel Arias, Head of Transport and Sustainable Mobility at Scania
  • Jesús Gil, Director of Innovation and New Energies at Enagás

2019 Gasnam Conference

We interviewed David Newman, president of the World Biogas Association. He told us his point of view about the current reality of biogas, future expectations, and what measures would facilitate its implementation.

“”Spain, like many other countries, is financing the oil industry and denying financing to the renewables industry to the extent that they need it.”