Genia Bioenergy, renewable gases division of Genia Global Energy.

Genia Global Energy proposes new models and technologies for energy generation, use and management that enable us to evolve into a sustainable society.

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Genia Bioenergy

We provide a comprehensive service. Our team is constantly searching the market for cutting-edge technologies and assessing their technical and financial feasibility.

This track record means that we are a strategic partner when it comes to developing projects in the renewable gas (biogas and biomethane) field. We adapt the design engineering to the project’s real needs and have achieved outstanding results.

As an engineering company we are equipped with the latest advances in the sector to design and manage renewable gas generation projects that endorse Genia Bioenergy’s reputation as a reliable partner for project development, design, construction and operation.

We provide services that range from identifying and developing opportunities through waste valorisation to biogas upgrading for biomethane production and subsequent transformation into bio-CNG or bio-LNG for compression for injection into the grid.

Enagás Renovable and Genia Bioenergy promote The Green Vector, a collaborative platform for development of biomethane plants in Spain. It aims to implement more than ten biogas production plants capable of generating up to 1 TWh of energy per annum by 2030.

The Green Vector fosters the development of biomethane production projects using organic waste
from agriculture, livestock farming, the food industry and municipal solid waste (MSW).

The green vector It acts as a developer and is the driving force behind a series of plants that will produce biogas and biomethane, a 100% renewable product comparable to natural gas.

The platform aims to revitalise the waste sector and drive the circular economy throughout the country with the active participation of all players in the process: composters and waste managers, farmers and livestock breeders, the food industry and town and city councils in the places where the various projects are located.>>>>see The Green Vecto platform

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Our Team

The people who work at Genia Bioenergy are the company’s main asset because they constitute one of the key factors for developing our plans and achieving our strategic goals.

We are fortunate to be provided with a broad, multidisciplinary team that embodies flexibility and decision-making capacity, enabling us to implement organisational structures that are as flat and autonomous as possible.

The team is composed of biologists, chemical engineers, agricultural engineers, environmental scientists, energy engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers and telecommunications engineers, among others.

Working for a pioneering company, the team has taken part in numerous international ventures and R&D projects and has built up an extensive track record in renewable energy sector fields such as biogas.

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We are firmly committed to using unlimited natural resources as an energy source.

We assume the responsibility of fostering energy savings and efficiency and contributing to the reduction of atmospheric CO2  emissions. We take the use of renewable energy into account as a key factor in our engineering services and the solutions we provide. We also achieve this by distributing high-tech products that maximise energy savings for companies.

Together we create the energy of the future!

Smart-Pasteur | Development of a modular pasteurization system with heat-recovery technology for outstanding efficiency in the treatment of dehydrated wastewater sludge and its valorisation for agricultural purposes. >>> >see R&D project

ReciclAI360º | R&D project for intelligent and cooperative recycling throughout the value chain, aimed at a 360º sustainable society. >> See R&D project

DIGITALTWIN4BIOGAS is a pioneering project in the renewable gas sector, the main aim of which is to enhance the profitability and sustainability of biogas production plants by the using advanced digital technologies, in particular digital twins and artificial intelligence. >>>> see R&D project

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Genia Bioenergy has developed the technology required to eliminate rice straw burning by converting crop residues into biogas. Access our press section and learn more about this project. >> see news

Continuous training at Universities and Institutions | Participation in the “Circular Bioeconomy in the Olive Sector: successful business initiatives and future innovation” course organised by the International University of Andalusia (UNIA).

Participation in CHEERS, a European project led by Mahou San Miguel that proposes a new biorefinery model for the brewing industry. The initiative aims to reduce resource use and environmental impact across the beer production supply chain and to make broader impacts on biodiversity and the use of agricultural land. >> >> see R&D project

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The project aims to provide clean, reliable energy to the rural community of El Santuario, a district isolated from the electrical grid. It is located in the Mesoamerican Dry Corridor, an area exceptionally prone to extreme weather events where 3.5 million people are at risk of energy poverty, 40% of them in Honduras. >> >> see project

Circular energy model for the agri-food sector | COVAP will cover 80% of its energy needs with renewable sources as of 2024. This project combines photovoltaic solar energy, biogas and biomass. Genia Bioenergy will participate in development of the Biogas plant >> see news

Participation in the LIFE REPTES project (renewable bio-hydrogen production technologies from lignocellulosic waste and sewage sludge co-fermentation): The project aims to find an alternative to rice straw burning in the Albufera Natural Park area (Valencia) by developing a new circular model that produces green biofuels using these plant-based waste materials and the sludge generated in the WWTPs. >> >> see project

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Genia Bioenergy is present in associations and in the most relevant events of the sector.